Specialising in Infertility and Pregnancy-Related Anxiety and Trauma

Pregnancy and giving birth is like crossing a narrow bridge. You can walk to the bridge with someone. You can have someone meet you at the other side. But you have to cross that bridge alone. (Ancient African proverb)

As a mother of two small children, I am passionate about women's mental and emotional health and the journey a woman makes to become a mother.  For many, this experience can be a roller coaster of feelings and physical transformation.

After a fairly straightforward conception and pregnancy for my first child, I experienced many highs and lows in my own fertility struggle to become a mother for the second time.  I believe this has helped me to better understand and empathise with others going through infertility and challenges in pregnancy.

My journey as a counsellor began after practicing law for ten years when I decided to pursue a passion and gift for helping others.  I explored and developed my natural attributes through therapy and completing a Graduate Diploma of Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.  I have completed specialist training in Bereavement Counselling to enhance my work with women who have suffered pregnancy loss or are experiencing infertility.

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