After 10 years practising as a lawyer I retrained as a counsellor.  After a five year motherhood hiatus, I returned to the workforce six years ago feeling very passionate about helping people in an area I believe to be of such need in our community.  

My second-born son was the happy ending to a long struggle to conceive which involved a complicated miscarriage and subsequent IVF treatment. This created a huge amount of trauma and my grief was exacerbated when the anniversary of what would have been the birth of that baby came around and I still wasn’t pregnant again. 
I was then coping with the emotions associated with both an incredibly traumatic loss and secondary infertility.

When I experienced pregnancy loss, I was amazed at how isolated I felt.  So few people talked about their own pregnancy loss experiences and I felt a huge need to validate my own feelings of grief and sadness.  My husband and I attended counselling together, and worked through ways to be able to heal and move forward in our journey to become parents again. This helped us to navigate our unresolved feelings together.

Going through that experience gave me a unique insight into what so many women of our generation are going through in their quest to become a mother.  And for so many, including myself, having the right support can make the journey that little bit more bearable.  I have been privileged to witness this firsthand as I have supported so many women around me through such journeys.

Seeing a real void in the counselling industry in this area, I specialise in helping women who are experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss as well as the myriad of emotional challenges we face both before, during and after pregnancy.  I offer home visit counselling sessions for new mothers who are coping with post-natal anxiety and the general adjustment to motherhood.